Built Not Born

Helping you have financial freedom, the body you want, and joy in your life.

Your actions determine your results

There’s no reason you can’t have financial freedom, amazing health, and joy and fulfillment, especially in today’s world of abundance and opportunity. How bad do you want it? They don’t come free, you have to work for them, there are no shortcuts like you’ve been told (read: sold) you’re whole life. The process is simple but not easy.

Do you want to learn what you need to do and most importantly how to actually do it? Stick around.

Take control

The only way you’re going to get to where you want to go is if you take control. No one is going to take you there without you doing the work, not even me. It has to be you. My goal is to help highlight ways for you to get there and provide some encouragement but YOU have to be the one taking action. Where you are today is the result of your actions up to this point. Where you end up tomorrow depends on what you do today.

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Wait, Built Not Born is about both health and money?

Why I write about both money and health?  Answer: When you are in control of your finances and in good health, your options are virtually unlimited. Many people struggle with either or both of these, and I want to help them have options.

Start with the end in mind

Starting and continuing with the end in mind protects you from getting distracted on your journey to reaching your goals.  Your “why” is a compass that guides your actions and keeps you from wasting time, effort, and money. 

Don’t be Yourself

A common message seen today is: “just be yourself” or some variation of that whether it’s ”you do you” or whatever the latest trending hashtag is.