Compounding in your life

Your actions affect other areas of your life. Figure out what changes you want to make in your life and what actions you’ll need to make to get there.  

A big reason why I talk about both health and money is because both are powerful drivers for every area of your life, improving one aspect of your life helps all the other areas improve too. A rising tide (of intentional improvement) lifts all boats (in your life). Much like your body is a complete organism with various systems that all influence each other, so it is with all the various aspects of your life. A choice you make in one area of your life has ripples throughout your entire life.

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Finding the Time and Energy to Lose Weight

I’m sure you’ve told yourself before that you don’t have time to cook better food or to exercise. Maybe you work a lot of hours, or have a lot of family responsibilities, or both! This does not mean you can’t be healthy and look good. Here, I’ll give you some advice to help you manage daily life and still reach your goals. But first let’s talk about the number one rule of losing weight.

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The one thing you MUST do to reach your goals


The biggest factor in your success of an endeavor is how consistent you are. Not how hard did you work. Not how connected you are. Not the endless lists of hacks you can use to shortcut your way to success. The biggest factor in reaching your goals is regularly taking the next action. Step after step. 

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Big Rocks

What are your big rocks

There’s this thing my mom used to always tell me, so much so over the years that it’s drilled into my head. “Take care of your big rocks.” she’d always say. She illustrated what she meant one day by setting a jar, some larger rocks, gravel, sand, and water on the table. It ended up being quite a lot of stuff. She asked me if it was possible to fit everything in the jar. I wasn’t sure if it was possible.

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