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First off, it’s not about the tools. Reaching your goals is important, the tactics you use are less important. With that being said, these are some of the things that I use to help me reach my goals. The hope is that by sharing these you might find value from them as well.


Want a great cross platform app/program to remember everything for you and help you make progress towards your goals? Todoist is what you’re looking for. It’s basically a to-do list that does pretty much anything you want it to without being so confusing that you can’t use it.


There’s a login for everything these days from your social accounts to your electric company. For best security, you shouldn’t reuse passwords  but how can you be expected to keep track of all of them? LastPass makes navigating all your login information easy.


Tracking your intake is important. What’s worse than not tracking your intake? Tracking what you eat and having it be incorrect. The fat secret app isn’t perfect but it is better than other apps and paired with a food scale can be a pretty good option. This only works if you’re consistent. iOS|Google Play

Personal Capital

A financial dashboard that shows you a snapshot of your entire financial situation. Total net worth, total cash, total debts, cash flow, budgeting, etc.



Want a super easy way to save recipes and one of the easiest user experiences to cook with? This app gives you the ability to curate your favorite recipes.